Read these rules very carefully. As the rules are a modified combination of several rulesets, long time players may assume an action is allowed when, for game play sake, it has been omitted. Read all the way through once. Then roll up a character and see how the rules apply to that character. Get together with some friends and map out some beginning scenarios, with no surprises to anyone until you are sure of how the rules work.

Further Rules

We have attempted to provide a unified game system, in the spirit of the original game, which can be played as is. Further rule additions should not be needed for full game play. The base mechanics herein should tailor to any new “authorized rule changes”.

Please note, RuneQuest Ages spell lists have been deliberately limited to near RQ2 equivalents with a smattering of Mongoose spells added as “Lost Lore” or just rare Sorcery. A word of caution on expanding the spell lists for Basic Spirit BattleMagic, Divine RuneMagic and Sorcery Lores. RQ Mongoose and HeroWars have expanded the spell list to such a degree, that the game itself becomes lost in a “haze of spellfire” that over-shadows game play, and the character’s abilities, instead of augmenting.

Purpose of the Game

The title of the game, RuneQuest Ages (RQA), describes its goal. The RuneQuest Adventurer explores the mysteries of runes, through any Age, seeking to master their magic. Characters will quest through the world seeking fame, fortune and knowledge. A surviving Character gains experience in fighting, magic, and other skills, as well as money to purchase further training and items.

For most Characters, progression in this way will continue for the character until they become so proficient that they come to the attention of the more powerful. At some point, the Character will have the option to join a Rune cult. Whether the cult itself is structured as a religion, a school of wizardry or some other setting, joining such a cult gives a character many advantages, not the least of which is aid from the cult.

Each of these types of organizations serves as a support mechanism for the character. Whether the Character is looking for hard to find magical secrets, training in certain areas, rare items or protection from enemies, joining a cult of like minded individuals will be immensely useful.

Progression through such a cult will also allow a character to acquire knowledge of a Rune easier. Such characters are known as RuneLords and PCs should aspire to become one. These characters will seek to master the opportunities, which Runes and the combinations of Runes provide, as they strive for integration with the powers which in turn rule those Runes. These characters are also known as the Runetouched and may eventually become Runemasters and Heroes. This is the true goal of the game; for only in gathering together the knowledge of useful Runes may a character take the next step, up into the ranks of Hero, and elevate themselves to where they may affect even the ancient powers that make up the world of Glorantha.


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